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F  A  C  I  A  L       S  U  R  G  E  R  Y      A N D        E   S   T   H   E   T   I   C         N   O  S   E          C   O   R   R   E   C   T   I   O   N

Dirk Jan Menger studied Medicine at the University of Amsterdam,The Netherlands. During his study he performed scientific research in the United States of America at the UCLA, the University of California, Los Angeles. He became interested in Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) diseases and obtained his specialist training ENT and Head- and Neck Surgery at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Doctor Menger is board certified “Facial Plastic Surgeon” by the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies (IFFPSS). Doctor Menger is highly trained in aesthetic surgery of the nose or "Rhinoplasty".

Experience and Quality  

With several hundred surgical procedures each year, doctor Menger performs the most aesthetical rhinoplasties in the Netherlands. National and internationally he is highly regarded for the state-of-the-art rhinoplastic procedures and beautiful aesthetical results. Consequently, he is frequently invited to present lectures about rhinoplasty or to perform "live surgery". View video fragments of live surgery on: www.rhinoplastyarchive.com. Over the past years doctor Menger was an invited speaker on courses and congresses in Europe, North- and south America, the Middle East and Asia.

In the Lead

He organizes and is "course director" of the world renowned "International Course in Advanced Rhinoplasty Techniques". This annual course is offered for Plastic Surgeons, ENT specialists and Maxillofacial Surgeons to extent their knowledge and experience in Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery. The Course attracts participants from all around the globe, in general from 25 different countries. Visit the website www.AdvancedRhinoplasty.nl


Doctor Menger trains ENT residents but also (inter-) national medical specialists (fellows). In the fellowship program the fellows improve their experience and skills in functional- and aesthetic surgery of the nose. In private clinics surgery is exclusively performed by doctor Menger.


Doctor Menger performed much scientific research and published many papers and book chapters in international medical journals. He obtained a PhD degree at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. The manuscript is entitled; The Nasal Valve: New Methods for Reconstruction, Suspension and Objective Measurements”(link: http://dspace.library.uu.nl/handle/1874/290509). He received the first price for best Rhinologic scientific paper by the British Rhinology Society in 2014.

European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

Doctor Menger is "national delegate" and “Director” of the focus group Rhinoplasty of the European organization of Facial Plastic Surgery, the "European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery" (EAFPS). This organization with over 1000 members (Plastic Surgeons, ENT surgeons and Maxillofacial Surgeons) focuses on all aspects of aesthetical surgery of the face. As "national delegate" doctor Menger acts as spokesman of this European organization in The Netherlands. Visit the website at www.EAFPS.com

Top referent Care

The most advanced rhinoplastic surgeries are performed in the best private clinic of The Netherlands: Bergman Clinics. Doctor Menger has a position at the Bergman Clinics in Bilthoven, Amsterdam and Rijswijk (the Hague). Make an appointment and visit doctor Menger for custom and personal advise and to discuss what rhinoplasty could do for you. Visit the website at www.BergmanClinics.nl


Watch episodes of the Dutch TV-program "make me beautiful". Make your personal judgment how appealing the nose of Brenda became and how happy she is with the result! View the stunning result of Mario's nose, who had a bulbous nasal tip before surgery at www.gewoonmooier.nl

It is very important to have realistic expectations of rhinoplasty and the possibilities, view episode 1 of the Dutch TV-series "Beauty and the Beast" with Marilou & Erwin.

Doctor Menger is pleased to inform you about the possibilities to change the shape of your nose.