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“Advanced Rhinoplasty Course”:

This international course is organized annually by doctor Menger. The course lasts three days and is intended for medical professionals who want to learn more about  Rhinoplasty and other procedures in Facial Plastic Surgery.

In addition to the participation of Prof. G.J. Nolst Trenité  every year a special teacher, the so-called “teacher of honour” will attend. This special guest has a worldwide reputation in the field of Rhinoplasty and/or Facial Plastic Surgery.

During the course, lectures on modern surgical techniques, interactive panel discussions and "live surgery" will be presented. Video fragments of doctor Menger preforming live surgery and examples of lectures on rhinoplasty can be found on the website: www.advancedrhinoplasty.nl

The next course is scheduled in October.

The course is well known all over the world, with participants from more than 25 different countries.

F  A  C  I  A  L       S  U  R  G  E  R  Y      A N D        E   S   T   H   E   T   I   C         N   O  S   E          C   O   R   R   E   C   T   I   O   N